When a manga is turned into an anime, there is music. There are opening and ending themes about the series, featuring the main cast of D.Gray-man. Most opening and ending themes are cut to around 1:30 by TV Tokyo. The anime series also has soundtracks (background music) that are heard accompanying various scenes that are composed by Kaoru Wada. Here is a list of music used in the D.Gray-man anime series.

List of Musics Edit

Opening Themes Edit

  1. Innocent Sorrow performed by Abingdon Boys School from episode 1 until episode 25.
  2. Brightdown performed by Nami Tamaki from episode 26 until episode 51.
  3. Doubt & Trust performed by Access from episode 52 until episode 76.
  4. Gekidō (激動; Literally meaning "Upheaval") performed by UVERworld from episode 77 until episode 103.

Ending Themes Edit

  1. Snow Kiss performed by Nirgilis from episode 1 until episode 13.
  2. Pride of Tomorrow performed by JUNE from episode 14 until episode 25.
  3. To the Continuation of the Dream performed by Surface from episode 26 until episode 38.
  4. Antoinette Blue performed by Nana Kitade from episode 39 until episode 51.
  5. The Reason Why You Are Here performed by Rie Fu from episode 52 until episode 64.
  6. Wish performed by Sowelu from episode 65 until episode 76.
  7. Regret performed by Mai Hoshimura from episode 77 until episode 89.
  8. Changin' performed by Stephanie with Roma Tanaka from episode 90 until episode 103.

Anime Soundtracks Edit

D. Gray-man Original Soundtrack 1 Edit

D.Gray-Man OST Original Sound Track 1

D.Gray-Man OST 1

  1. Innocent Sorrow
  2. Kuro no Seishokusha Exorcist (English Translation: Exorcist, A Black Clergyman)
  3. Allen Walker
  4. Haikyo no Naka de (English Translation: In The Ruins)
  5. Sennen Hakushaku (English Translation: The Millennium Earl)
  6. Innocence Hatsudou (English Translation: Innocence Activate)
  7. Kanda Yu (English Translation: Kanda Yu)
  8. Roku Maboroshi Hatsudou (English Translation: Mugen Activate)
  9. Komui Shitsuchou (English Translation: Chief Monitor Komui)
  10. Home no Nakama Tachi (English Translation: Friends At Home)
  11. Kyoudan no Ichinichi (English Translation: A Day In The Order)
  12. Kami no Kesshou (English Translation: God's Crystal)
  13. Ishi Hako no Message (English Translation: The Message In The Cube)
  14. Sennen Hakushaku no Takurami (English Translation: The Millennium Earl's Plan)
  15. Akusei Heiki AKUMA (Engliah Translation: Malignat Weapon AKUMA [Demon] )
  16. Kanashimi no Tamashii (English Translation: Sadness Of Soul)
  17. Lala no Komori Uta (English Translation: Lala's Lullaby)
  18. Tamashii no Kyuusai (English Translation: Salvation Of Soul)
  19. Omoide no Naka ni (English Translation: In His Memory)
  20. Shiawase na Hibi (English Translation: Happy Days)
  21. Jean to Leo (English Translation: Jean And Leo)
  22. Maki Modoshi no Machi (English Translation: Female Give Back Of Town)
  23. Road Camelot
  24. Noa no Ichizoku (English Translation: Noah Family [Noah Clan] )
  25. Kikai to Tamashii to Higeki (English Translation: Machine And Soul and Tragedy)
  26. Kami ni Tori Tsukareta Shito (English Translation: God Two In The Heart Tired.)
  27. Fuan to Noroi (English Translation: Uneasiness And To Curse)
  28. Yochou (English Translation: Omen)
  29. AKUMA no Shuugeki (English Translation: DEMON Of Attack)
  30. Gekisen (English Translation: Violent Battle)
  31. Hakai (English Tranlation: Destruction)
  32. Kikan (English Translation: Repatriation)
  33. Snow Kiss
  34. Pride of Tomorrow

D. Gray-man Original Soundtrack 2 Edit

D gray man ost2

D.Gray-Man OST 2

  1. Brightdown
  2. Kuro no Kyoudan (English Translation: The Black Order)
  3. Nakama to Tomoni (English Translation: Friend Of Tomorrow)
  4. Keishousha Rabbi (English Translation: Successor Lavi)
  5. Bookman
  6. Arystar Krory
  7. Kyuuketsuki no Shiro  (English Translation: Vampire Of The Castle)
  8. Eliade to no Ai (English Translation: Eliade And The Love)
  9. Tyki Mikk
  10. Sennen Ooyake Kara no Message (English Translation: The Millennium Earl’s Open from Message)
  11. Togaochi ~Suman Dark~ (English Translation: Fallen One - Suman Dark-)
  12. AKUMA Shuurai (English Translation: DEMON Attack)
  13. Ikuukan (English Translation: Other Dimension [Unusual Space] )
  14. Noah Heya (English Translation: Noah Room)
  15. Tabi no Kyuusoku (English Translation: Journey Relief)
  16. Kyoudan no Nakama Tachi (English Translation: Dark Order And Friends)
  17. Komui no Jikken Shitsu (English Translation: Komui And Experiments)
  18. Tabi no Tochuu de (English Translation: In The Middle Of The Journey)
  19. Koigokoro (English Translation: Love)
  20. Arata na Deai (English Translation: New Meeting)
  21. Saikai (English Translation: Reunion)
  22. Tamashii no Iyashi (English Translation:To Heal The Soul)
  23. Kuroi Mori (English Translation: Black Forest)
  24. Inbou (English Translation: Conspiracy [Plot Intrigue] )
  25. Ketsudan no Toki (English Translation: Difficult Decision)
  26. Semari Kuru Kiki (English Translation: Close Black Effect)
  27. Gunshuu (English Translation: Throng [Crowd, Mob, Group, Multitude] )
  28. Gyakushuu (English Translation: Counterattack)
  29. Futatabi Tatakai he (English Translation: Conflict Again [Struggle, Fight, Battle] )
  30. Yume no Tsuzuki he
  31. Antoinette Blue

D. Gray-man Original Soundtrack 3 Edit


D.Gray-Man OST 3

  1. The Earl's Monologue
  2. Doubt & Trust
  3. Gekidō
  4. Crowned Clown
  5. Foreboding
  6. Comrades in the Asian Branch
  7. Bak and Fou
  8. Anita
  9. The Men of the Sea
  10. Level 3
  11. Japanese Landing
  12. Chomosuke
  13. The Ark's Appearance
  14. Melody of Sighing
  15. Noah's Memory
  16. Exorcist VS. Noah
  17. Jasdevi
  18. Tyki's Awakening
  19. Lavi's Agony
  20. The Determination to Fight
  21. Good News
  22. In the Hand Which Is Connected by a Kiss(Tsunaida te ni Kiss wo) Musician
  23. To Home
  24. Malcolm C. Leverrier
  25. Headquarters Attacked
  26. Cross Marian
  27. Darkness 4
  28. Red Resolve
  29. Next Stage
  30. Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyū
  31. Wish
  32. Regret
  33. Changin'

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