One shot is for all you did to everyone here... And all the rest are because you messed up my clothing.

—Cross to the defeated level 4

Cross Marian (クロス・マリアン , Kurosu Marian ) was an Exorcist and General of the Black Order. Though technically a member of the European Branch, he was notorious for disappearing for years on end and expressed a great disdain for returning to Headquarters. He was the master of Allen Walker, and one of the only people who knew of Mana Walker's true intentions concerning the boy. Cross was the leader of Marian Unit.


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Cross Marian Manga colored

Cross's color scheme

Cross is a tall man who looks in his late twenties, early thirties but he is actually probably much older. It has been noted by Allen he didn't seem to age at all since he met him.[1]

Cross's most distinguishing features are his long, vibrant red hair and a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask on the right side of his face. He has a goatee and eyes the same shade of red as his hair and wears wire-framed glasses. In the manga, when Allen is rescued by him during Noah's Ark Arc, he is seen to be wearing a skull, after which the skull shrinks back to a cross over his right eye, possibly due to a curse.[2] He wears explorer type clothing and wears a hat, though he has been seen in a kimono when hiding out in Edo. He always carries his weapon on a holster on his leg.


Cross Marian is a man who loves to gamble and drink. When he gambles, he makes extravagant bets and, if he loses, he never pays, leaving Allen or someone else to do so. He loves very few things: women, wine, money and beautiful things. When in battle himself, he behaved in a cold and uncaring manner.

He was shown to be a gruff, demanding individual who was hard to please. In fact, he usually refers to Allen as "idiot apprentice" or stupid pupil in the English manga. Most of the Black Order consider Cross to be a great man, which he was. However, he was normally rude and tough on Allen. This could be because Allen was his apprentice and thus he had to be hard on him. Allen fears him, which is hinted from the fact most of his flashbacks about Cross end with some kind of unfortunate, (usually humorous) experience for him -with Allen insisting that Cross is a demon. Despite all this, Cross has shown a softness underneath his rough exterior for people such as Allen,[3] Anita,[4] and Lenalee [5].But, his soft side seems to show with women in general.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Invasion of the Black Order arc[6] Edit

  • Education: 5
  • Humanity: 0.5
  • Battle Ability: 5
  • Mental: 5
  • Flexibility: 3
  • Vagrancy: 5
  • Sophistication: 5
  • Parenting Skills: 1

Searching for Allen Walker arc [7] Edit

  • Sophistication: 5
  • Humanity: 0.5
  • Battle Ability: 5
  • Mental: 5
  • Flexibility: 3
  • Parenting Skills: 1


Before becoming an Exorcist, Cross was a renowned scientist, and the creator of Timcampy. [8] It is unknown how he gained his Anti-Akuma Weapon, though it is likely he was found to be an Accommodator while working so closely to Innocence. Some time after becoming an Exorcist, he came to know Mana and Nea D Campbell. He appears to have met the Earl of Millennium often enough to taunt him about his weight, He also seems to know a few things about the Noah, including about their awakening. At some point, Cross met a woman named Mother.

D.Gray-man Reverse: Lost Fragment of Snow Edit

Traveling with Allen Edit

After the death of Nea and Mana, Cross took Allen into his care. He brought him to Mother, and along with Barba he took care of a traumatized Allen, even washing his dirty laundry. When Allen finally recovered he began training him to be an Exorcist.

Allen and Cross Marian 2

Allen and Cross Marian in India

Initially, Cross is only seen through flashbacks, the most important scene being after Allen's training was complete. Cross is revealed to have told Allen he was ready to become an Exorcist and left him with vague orders on how to get to the Black Order European Branch to officially join. When asked by Allen if he would be coming or not, Cross replied that he hated going to Headquarters and hit Allen on the head with a hammer, leaving him with Timcanpy and unconscious in India.

Afterwards, he went to Baron Arystar Krory III's castle and gave him a strange plant named Roseanne.[9] The plant bit Krory and gave him the power of his Parasitic Innocence. He then went to China hunting the Millennium Earl and met a major ally of the Order, Anita.[10] He stayed with Anita for a while, tracking the Earl and eradicating the Akuma in the area.


Edo and Asian Branch arcEdit

Cross in Edo

Cross hiding out in Edo

Cross left China for Japan and landed in Edo (Tokyo in modern times). Cross went into hiding to avoid being spotted by the Earl and Akuma.[11] While doing what he could to reduce the sheer amount of Akuma while in hiding, he also watched the Earl's movements and knew the Ark was nearly ready to be used.

Noah's Ark arcEdit

When his apprentice and his team, along with Tiedoll's team, faced off against the Noah clan, Cross watched from afar. When the Earl and the Noah enter the Ark, Cross entered, unseen, with them.[12]

After the events of fighting with the Noah and facing off against Tyki Mikk, Allen was about to through the ark before Cross saved him and revealed himself. Cross then battled the maddened Tyki, unleashing The Grave of Maria and using her abilities to block those accompanying Allen (Lenalee Lee, Chaozii Han and Lavi) from Tyki's view as he fought a one-on-one fight with the Noah.[13]


Cross does battle with Tyki

Cross overwhelmed Tyki during the fight with his amazing firing speed, the Noah eventually falling from the injuries he received during his previous fight with Allen, as well as the fight with Cross. Before Cross could finish Tyki off, the Earl intervened and saved Tyki.[14] Cross and the Earl exchanged a few words, revealing they know one another well, before the Earl disappeared with Tyki into Road's door and left Cross and the others to deal with the crumbling of the Ark.

Lenalee Protects Lenalee

Cross protecting Lenalee,

Cross brought Allen and Lenalee to the room where the Akuma Egg was being held, giving Allen vague orders to stop the download of the Ark before using his sorcery to transport Allen to a room with a piano.[15] When Allen hesitated, unsure of what to do, Cross shouted at Allen over their communicators, telling him to stop the download.

He asks if Allen sees a piano in the room, while Lenalee also calls out to him, asking if he's ok. Allen notices Cross and Lenalee's voices seem to be coming from the same place, and tells Cross to stop touching her. Cross insists they don't have much floor space to work with, while thinking how great it is to be holding Lenalee in his arms. Cross then shouts at Allen to play the piano.

While Allen initially was more focused on Cross close proximity with Lenalee, he used the musical score hidden within Timcanpy to stop the download of the Ark -after receiving encouragement from Lenalee. Meanwhile Cross continued protecting Lenalee while simultaneously slowing the download in their area with his magic.[16]

After the download of the Ark was stopped, Allen and Lenalee are shocked by Cross' knowledge of the Ark, Allen just about to question his master before Lavi started shouting for Allen to "come and get it" over the communicators, Lavi trying to lure Allen out of hiding with the promise of food.[17]

Lenalee + Cross

Flirting with Lenalee

Afterwards, while Allen, Kanda, Chaozii and Lavi explored the Ark, Cross stayed with Lenalee in the room with the piano as she tended to Krory, Cross expresses that she's gotten better at showing her feelings than before. Lenalee wonders when Cross made it to the ark. He comments he was there when they faced Tyki, but had he known she was there, he'd have come sooner. He comments her hair was beautiful and the loss was regrettable. Lenalee remarks that Anita said the same thing, causing Cross to become somber, telling Lenalee that he'd told Anita not to follow him.[18]

Allen and the other guys are seen running into the room, saying that Cross was a womanizer and feeling that leaving him alone with Lenalee was a mistake. Allen screams that it's a crime, and Lavi screams that they were too late. Lenalee tries to assure them that they have the wrong idea, but Cross interrupts, shouting to Allen that sixteen is a fully grown woman. In response, Lenalee to angrily reprimands him.

Lenalee Captures Cross-0

Lenalee stops Cross from leaving

When the Cross unit and the Tiedoll unit reunited and prepared to head back to the Asian Branch via the Ark, Roufa and Allen have a reunion, where she cries happily that he's safe. Allen attempts to calm her, until Cross shoves him aside, asking if Roufa is his girlfriend, but Allen just questions where Cross is going. Cross sweats, commenting that he feels like making a run for it. Lenalee embraces him, begging him not to leave. Cross is stopped in his tracks, finding himself unable to deny Lenalee, while she was only thinking about not wanting to chase after him again. Allen theorizes that was the reason Lenalee was placed in the Cross Unit.[19]

Invasion of Headquarters arcEdit

Cross in Meeting

Cross attending a meeting at HQ

While the younger Exorcists recovered from the injuries in the medical ward, the inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie held a meeting with the heads of the Order's Branches, the Supervisor Komui Lee and the Generals.[20]

It became known that Cross is one of the people who have the will of the Fourteenth Noah, and Lvellie questioned Cross about Allen's role in restoring the Ark, accusing Cross of knowing what Allen was and picking him up purely for that reason. Lvellie then revealed that Allen would be facing an Inquisition.

While Komui managed to buy time by requesting that Lvellie give him a full explanation in the form of a written report, Cross invited Lvellie to do whatever he wanted with Allen. The Inspector assured him he would, then ordered Cross to remain in Headquarters, assigning attendants to keep an eye on him.[21]

Face Off

Allen angrily questions Cross

Despite being detained, Cross does what he can to make himself comfortable. He demands his attendant get him Romanee Conti wine, yelling that he doesn't care if they have to pay for it themselves. He has invited fellow general, Klaud Nine to drink with him, sating that he likes to drink with women..[22] Allen finds, and slammed the papers he's carrying onto Cross' head. Cross asks what Allen is doing, and complains to Tim to go away. Allen scolds Cross for sitting around drinking while he's been working, and attempted to question him, Cross' attendants dragged Allen away, telling Allen that he was forbidden to speak to the General.

Shortly after, the Noah Lulu Bell and an army of Level 3 Akuma invade the European Branch Headquarters, using the Earl's black Ark.[23] Lulu Bell is soon joined by several Skulls who begin to inspect Science Division scientists, and just as Reever Wenhamm is about to be killed trying to defend his men, Allen Walker and Bookman intervene, starting to fight the Akuma forces.[24]

Allen, Bookman and the scientists who are still able to move and make talismans attempt to stop the Akuma from stealing the Akuma Egg, but they are overwhelmed. The Egg is just about to be taken when the Generals, along with Noise Marie and Miranda Lotto, arrive,[25] Miranda using her Innocence to reverse the time of the black Ark taking the Egg and holding it in place as the Generals, Cross Marian included, start to fight.[26]

After the fight and just as it seemed the Generals had managed to stop the Akuma forces, Miranda Lotto is captured by Lulu Bell, who took her water form to cut off Miranda's oxygen and force her to stop her invocation.[27] Cross and the other Generals initially attempt to fight Lulu Bell off, but when it became obvious that they couldn't hit her, they turn, instead, to destroying the Egg, despite the fact that they might kill Miranda doing it. Cross hesitated for a moment, but agreed to the plan and prepared Judgment.[28]


Cross tells Allen he trusted him to save Miranda

The General's attack severely damaged the Egg as it sank into the black ark, and as the Generals watch, Winters Socalo remarked that Cross is heartless for firing while Allen was down there. Cross simply replied that he hadn't tried to hit him, and that Allen was the 'transcendent' one, the scene changing to show Allen protecting Miranda and delivering one final hit to the Egg while fleeing.

Allen flatly remarked to Cross that what he had done "wasn't very nice", to which Cross replied that he had faith in Allen to make it in time -trusting him to get Miranda ,[29].

Before anyone can relax, a Level 4 Akuma is born. After it attacks Allen, it uses its scream to debilitate the others in the area, Cross summoning Maria and having her use her Carte Garde to control his body.[30] The Level 4 then attacks General Froi Tiedoll's Maker of Eden, which is protecting the injured scientists, and collapses the entire floor. The Generals, Cross included, disappeared into the hole.[31]

The Level 4 then turned its attention to Komui Lee, and as Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker fight to protect him, Lenalee's Dark Boots evolve, allowing her to fight evenly with the Level 4. When the Akuma attempted to throw Lenalee and Allen off of itself, Cross reappeared, intervening with Maria's Carte Garde and making it stay still long enough for Lenalee to kick Allen's sword through the Akuma's stomach.[32]

Cross then ordered Komui to cancel the evacuation, stating he wanted to turn the Akuma into a specimen. After sending Komui off to deal with the problems in the rest of the building,[33] Cross proceeded to help Allen and Lenalee fight the Akuma, using Judgment to shoot it five times and remarking that one bullet was for everyone the Akuma had killed, while the other four were for ruining his clothes.[34]

The Akuma attempted to flee, but Generals Nine and Socalo blocked off its only exit, and as Hevlaska closed the door to her chambers and locked the Akuma inside, Lenalee delivered the final blow and destroyed its body.


Cross being taunted by the remainder of the Level 4 Akuma

When a piece of the Akuma's face landed beside Cross, still alive and taunting them, Cross shot it, covering his actions with the pretense of an accidental sneeze that made him squeeze the trigger. He then sarcastically comments "oops", stating that he wouldn't be able to use the Akuma as a specimen now.[35]

As the people in the building began to pull themselves together and mourn, the long fight over, Cross spoke to Lvellie, telling him that he would tell everything he knew about the Fourteenth as long as he was allowed to talk to Allen.[36] He is later seen preparing to leave for Central with Lvellie. Tim flies up to him, and Cross greets him, not knowing he was there. Komui tells him to take care of himself. Cross assures Komui he's just going to have a little chat. Komui states he's needed at HQ after all that's happened, but any other time, he'd have gone with Cross. The latter asks Komui if he's his mother now, wondering when Komui started worrying about him. Komui states he's just worried that Cross will disappear again on the way, prompting Cross to laugh. He gives Tim to Komui, saying that Tim said he didn't want to go, before heading out with Lvellie.

Disappearance of Cross Marian arcEdit


Cross speaks with Allen at HQ

After Cross left with Lvellie for Central, Headquarters is moved to a new location. It is there that Allen and Cross meet again, in a room heavily guarded by CROW members, with Allen's body bound by their talismans.[37]

Even though they knew they were being monitored, Allen and Cross talked, Cross telling Allen about Mana Walker's older brother, the Fourteenth Noah.[38] Cross then revealed that when Mana adopted Allen, Mana had implanted the Fourteenth's will within Allen, making Allen the Fourteenth's successor. The fact that Allen knew the song to control the Ark is considered evidence enough of the Fourteenth's attempt to return to the world.

When Allen seemed to go into shock from this revelation, Cross struck him, making Allen snap back to attention enough to ask questions. Cross then told Allen as the Fourteenth awoke in his mind, Allen would slowly lose control and be completely consumed by the Noah.


Cross hugs Allen

When Allen asked him if when Mana had told Allen that he loved him he meant him or the Fourteenth, Cross replied that, after the Fourteenth's death, Mana seemed to lose touch with reality.[39] Cross hugs Allen, saying the fourteenth should have chosen a good for nothing as his host.

He then says that he wouldn't be able to make fun of Tiedoll anymore, referencing the fact that General Tiedoll shows open affection for his pupils, and now he himself is doing the same thing, by hugging Allen.[40]

Cross then asked Allen what he would do if he (Cross) told him (Allen) that he would kill someone he loved when he became the Fourteenth. After dropping the bombshell on Allen that he would kill someone he cared for, Cross abruptly attempted to walk off, remarking that there was another side to the war.[41]

Allen head-butted Tim, sending the golem sailing into the back of Cross' head. Cross turned on Allen to attack him, in return, while the CROW members in the room attempt to hold them back from one another. With the time he had bought, Allen told Cross that when he had joined the Black Order that he had promised Mana that he would keep going, and that that promise was one that he, Allen, had made, not the Fourteenth. He goes on to say he doesn't care about the fourteenth, and won't let the fourteenth have his body, before calling Cross stupid.[42]


Cross takes caution against an unknown visitor

After that, Cross returned to his room, where he reminisced that coming to the Order had been good for Allen, given how cheeky he's gotten. There was then a knock at his door, and Cross was seen drawing Judgment.[43] The scene briefly shifted to Allen, who wakes from a nap with Lenalee and Johnny thinking of his master, and when the focus shifted back to Cross he was sitting limply in his window, a large amount of blood spattered against the windowpanes, Judgment laying on the floor beside him.[44]

Outside of Cross' room, his attendants woke from naps they don't remember laying down for, immediately attempting to check on Cross. When they received no answer from his room, one opened the door and stepped inside, freezing when he saw an apparently dead Cross Marian. The attendant then shut the door and ordered the other attendant to go for help, and while the second ran off the first charged back into Cross' room with his gun drawn upon hearing a crash.

Cross killed

Cross is attacked by an unknown assailant

The attendant was stunned to see Cross' body gone, the window broken and his mask and Judgment left behind,[45] and it is said that on that day, Cross Marian disappeared again.[46]

Later Lavi discusses Cross with Bookman. He states he hasn't seen Cross since the meeting at HQ, and how everyone seems to think he's still at Central, wondering where Cross was. Bookman eventually states he believes Cross will not return to the Order, assuming he escaped safety and still lives. He then tells Lavi that having witnessed the convo at HQ, they should be cautious.

A later investigation, performed by Komui and Hevlaska, revealed that Judgment no longer recognizes Cross as its Accommodator.[47] Komui's new secretary, Brigitte Fey, Klaud Nine, Winters Socalo and Froi Tiedoll are all present for this analysis. Klaud wonders if Cross abandoned Judgment in fear of becoming a Fallen One, Brigitte asked that the Generals not tell anyone -stating the flight of a general is bad for morale. Tiedoll wonders if a flight occurred, given all the blood at the scene, stating that such loss would be lethal.

Komui agrees, stating that tests show all the blood belonged to Cross, and that his mask shows the piercing of a bullet. He states the chances of survival from such a wound would be very low. Sokaro states that doesn't explain why no body was found. Klaud again asks if he made a run for it, or. And Komui completes her question -asking if she thinks his body was removed by someone. Tiedoll then suggested the attack was planned by Central.[48]
Tim Grieving

We see a flashback in Cross' room, where Allen and Lvellie meet. Lvellie studying the scene and Allen pursuing Tim, who has been returning to the room often to cuddle with cross' blood, mourning the loss of his creator. Lvellie offers Allen cake, who declines. Allen calls for Tim so they can leave. Lvellie stops Allens to ask if he was the one who killed Cross, being the fourteenth. Allen, enraged, responses that perhaps Lvellie killed him, before leaving and slamming the door hard enough to leave a crack.

Lvellie comments on the cake being delicious, before telling Link he would head back to central to investigate Cross' murder. Link questions him, and Lvellie states that he had nothing to do with Cross' attack. He admits that the person responsible for the attack was most-likely someone from Central, who had acted without his permission -though he does not know who. [49]

Phantom Thief G arcEdit

Later, Allen discovered a recorded message Cross had left for him on Timcanpy, Cross' voice saying:[50]

"Allen... I've been wondering, do you like Tim? I said to look after him for me... but I always intended to give him to you. I've told Tim that he can do as he pleases. You may not want to listen to someone like me who carries the will of the Fourteenth... but if you think either of us is forcing you to walk a certain path... I want you to know that's not true. A path forms behind you as you walk. The earth you step on is compressed, leaving a print. You're the only one who can make your path. So stop walking in Mana's shoes. Walk in your own... if you haven't given up."
After listening to the message with Howard Link, Allen remarked that the recording sounded like Cross' will, which makes him angry because that type of behavior wasn't like Cross at all, and that he gets angry every times he listens to it.[51]

Seed of Destruction arc Edit


Much later, during Allen's confrontation with the sentient Innocence 'Apocryphos' (at the time disguised as the unnamed Cardinal), Allen is able to see inside Appocryphos' mind, as he sees what happened to Cross the night he disappeared. Disguised at the unnamed Cardinal, Apocryphos is shown holding Cross' own Innocence, Judgment, to Cross' head, Cross remarking that when he met Allen, he wasn't called "Allen" .He also stated that he should have noticed his mistake sooner. [52]

Allen is horrified upon discovering the truth, and after regaining composure, attacks Apocryphos in rage. Allen says he saw what Apocryphos did, knowing that he unleashed Judgement upon his master. Apocryphos figures that Allen saw inside of his mind when he attempted to erode him. Apocryphos insist to Allen that Cross didn't care anything about him, and was simply using him as a sacrifice to the fourteenth. He says that Allen can't harm him with Innocence, and that he is trying to help him. Allen defiantly declares that he is the pupil of Cross Marian, and the thought of allying himself with Apocryphos makes him want to puke. [53]

Searching for A.W. arc Edit


He is shown in a flashback chapter, at the start of the arc, that shows of him caring for Allen, after first taking him in. He's in his church with Mother, a patron, who assists him in his struggle of caring for the traumatized child, and who also watches over the church when Cross away.[54]

After some words and prodding by Cross, Allen finally speaks/ However, Cross is confused because he's now speaking like Mana instead of rudely like he used to. Mother asks if it matters since Allen is only a vessel for Nea, and if the memories of Mana hold Allen together, shouldn't it be fine. Cross pauses for a moment, but agrees that it doesn't matter, and that he doesn't care what happens to "Allen."

In present day, Mother wonders about the fates of Allen and Cross. Shortly after, Allen then shows up at her doorstep with a smile. Mother thinks to herself that Cross really did care about Allen, otherwise Allen wouldn't look the way he did. [55]


Cross tells Allen that he is his master, no matter what

We later see Cross appear in present time to speak with Allen, who is confused on where he is. Cross explains that he's in Nea sub-conscious memories, where he will disappear. He and Allen talk briefly, as he tries to persuade Allen to rest and not fight the takeover, otherwise his suffering would be worse. He thanks Allen for being the host, and tells him in can rest now, living in a peaceful world of fond memories with Mana. Cross offers to stay with Allen if he's afraid, declaring himself Allen's master no matter what, and mentioning how he cleaned Allen's soiled sheets before. He holds out his hand for Allen to take, who is tempted to give in, but refuses, after remembering his promise to Lenalee, saying that he intends to keep walking.

Parting Ways Again

Allen tells Cross he was happy to see him again

Cross calls Allen a wolf in sheep's clothing, and says he must keeping walking alone, before pointing him to a mansion where a woman named Katerina Eve Campbell lives. It's where he is to go and get all the answers, if he awakens again. Allen smiles, thinking that Cross is an illusion, but admits that he is still happy to see him again.

With parting words, Cross disappears shortly afterward, leaving a confused Allen behind, who thinks to himself that Cross may not have been an illusion after all. Later, we see Road, who had been watching their conversation, thinking about how she can't connect her dream to Allen's, despite many attempts. However, she is happy that he will now go to the mansion, and telling Cross to stay asleep until then, revealing that he's still alive. [56]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Skilled Marksman: Cross is shown to be skilled with his gun-like Innocence in all of its forms and can fire his gun rapidly, to the point where a Level Four Akuma couldn't see more than one shot out of six.[57]

Scientist: Before becoming an Exorcist, Cross was a renowned scientist.[58]

Sorcery: Cross is noted to be quite skilled and well-versed in magic, able to use spells. With these spells, he has been seen binding Skull sorcery, disguising himself as a Skull, transporting people from one location to another, and binding the Innocence of a deceased Exorcist, Maria, to himself, allowing him to use her Anti-Akuma Weapon. The incantations Cross has been seen using[59] are the same as the ones Skulls have been seen using,[60] though the final command ("Take Effect, Bind" in Cross' case and "System Conversion, Arise" in the Skull's case) seems to change the intent of the spell.

Akuma Modification: It is revealed by Bookman that Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma, making them work under his orders.[61] The method of this conversion however is unknown, and converted Akuma who slip out of Cross' control and back under the Earl's influence automatically self-destruct, destroying their soul.


Cross Marian - Judgment

Cross Marian's Judgment

Judgment (断罪者 (ジャジメント), Jajimento): This equipment-type Innocence takes the form of a large caliber autorevolver. Cross was able to fire several bullets in rapid succession, often emptying his rounds in a split-second. A symbol in form of a cross can be seen wherever these bullets hit (even on barriers). It was later revealed the Judgement no longer recognized Cross as its wielder. 

  • Bullets of Condemnation: These bullets do not stop until they have hit their target, even if they are embedded in something else along the way.[62]
  • Arrow Of Original Sin (原罪の矢, Genzai no ya): Forms the shape of a demon-like bow around Judgment as a cross symbol appears in front of it.[63]
  • Sin Annihilation Level: Cross can temporarily boost his synchronization rate with Judgment to increase the damage dealt with his attacks. He is seen using the "Triple Damage" level against Lulu Bell.[64]
Cross Marian - Grave of Maria

Grave of Maria

Grave of Maria (聖母ノ柩 (グレイヴ・オブ・マリア), Gureivu obu Maria): This parasitic-type Innocence doesn't belong to General Cross himself, but to Maria, an Exorcist with a parasite type Innocence. It has been remarked by Allen that Cross is able to use magic to control Maria's corpse during a fight therefore allowing him to also use her Innocence. It takes the form of a large, flattened coffin wrapped with a long chain. When the chain is removed, the coffin opens to reveal a beautiful woman in a fancy dress with a large bow tied over her eyes, which makes it slightly reminiscent of a butterfly. This 'woman' is in fact the corpse of Maria. Lavi has pointed out that Cross Marian's use of the "Grave of Maria" anti-Akuma weapon is unorthodox and forbidden.[65]

  • Magdala Curtain (聖母ノ加護 (マグダラ・カーテン), Magudara kāten), Maria uses her song to create illusions that can conceal the presence of others.[66]
  • Carte Garde (脳傀儡 (カルテ・ ガルテ), Karute garute) which allows her (or Cross) to control the person's movements by affecting the brains of both humans and Akuma.[67][68]

Major Battles Edit

  • Cross Marian VS Skulls
  • Cross Marian VS Tyki Mikk
  • Cross Marian and other generals VS level 3 and giant Akumas
  • Cross Marian and other generals VS Lulubell
  • Cross Marian, Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker VS level 4 Akuma
  • Cross Marian VS Apocryphos

Character Quotes [69] Edit

  1. (To Allen) "Stupid student"
  2. (To 14th) "I promised to protect Mana"
  3.  (To Earl) "Always so fat..."
  4.  (To Level 4) "Need it for some samples"
  5.  (To Jasbevi) "Take care of my debts~"
  6.  (To Anita) "Good woman"
  7.  (To Klaud) "You are always a nice woman"
  8.  (To Lenalee) "You become such a beautiful woman"
  9.  (To Timcanpy) "Do whatever as you please"

Relationships Edit

Nea D. Campbell:

They are partners, working together toward their own goals. According to Nea, he only worked with Cross because he had no choice, stating he hates humans. He scolds Cross, after believing him to be dead, because he still needed him. Further complaining that he had to pay Cross' debts. In turn, Cross has promised Nea that he would watch over Mana. Hoshino mentions that Cross got involved with Nea unwillingly, and get stuck with a lot of trouble because of it. She further states Cross lets off steam in *amazing* ways, because he deals with the secret agreement he made with Nea in his own way.

Allen Walker:

Cross + Allen-0

A little Allen falls asleep on his master

Cross is the master of Allen, who takes guardianship of him after Mana's death. He wasn't the best guardian -abandoning Allen to find HQ on his own, 3 months prior to the story, teaching him how to gamble at a young age, and even having Allen pay his debts -though he does that to many, and Allen is just no exception. He's done the same to the Noah twins, and Nea.

It is revealed that by Hoshino some of Allen's teasing by Cross was partially due to him liking Dark Allen, which he may like because it's more like the real Allen, prior to his Mana Mask after his trauma. Allen has had a few bad things to say about his master earlier in the series, such as calling him a demon, and stupid master. Cross also refers to Allen as "Idiot apprentice" most of the time. However, the two do care for each other. According to Hoshino, Cross regards Allen as his own child, and thinks that Allen is cute. In turn, Allen was very distraught when he saw all the blood in Cross' room, believing him to be dead. When he faces the one responsible for attacking his master, he becomes enraged, further stating that he's Cross' apprentice and the thought of allying with the one who killed his master makes him sick. After meeting Cross again in Nea's inner world, he mentions that even if Cross is an illusion, he is happy to see him again.

The anime changed their relationship, adding filler of Cross being more cruel to Allen than he was in the manga. Examples including Cross running off and leaving Allen to be beaten by thugs. Forcing him to gamble for money when he wasn't in need of any -due to living off of rich lovers. Causing Allen to go into bouts of depression. Asking Allen to bring him lions to see, which almost gets him killed. Throwing him to legions of Akuma, without training him. And having Allen so scarred that he believed all generals were selfish and sadistic.


Younger Cross with Tim

A younger Cross with Tim

Cross is Tim's creator, and the two seem very fond of one another. Tim always sits on Cross' shoulder, or head. Sometimes Cross will greet Tim by holding out his finger for Tim to perch on, as seen before he leaves for Central. Tim has the ability to track Cross. This is shown to be a problem for Cross on occasion. When he was drinking with Klaud, Allen finds and scolds him for his behavior. Cross, annoyed, tells Tim to go away, possibly thinking that he led Allen there. Tim is not above reprimanding Cross in his own way, such as biting his shoulder when he's reluctant to feed little Allen. [70] Also hitting Cross in the face with a meddle bar to stop him from shooting young Red (Allen). [71]

After Cross is attacked, Tim seems to be able to sense it, as he gets up, flying to Cross' room to investigate. When Cross was believed to be dead, Tim was very distraught, and would return to Cross' room to cuddle with his blood, not knowing what became of his creator. Flashbacks show more of them together. Tim helps Cross take care of Allen, which proves exhausting. Cross falls asleep after a tough day, and Tim sleeps on his back. He can also be a handful, as seen when he eats Cross' cigarettes, which the latter is distraught by.

Malcolm C. Lvellie:
Cross + Lvellie

Cross calls a truce with Lvellie

He and Cross seem to have an adversarial relationship. Cross finally returned to HQ after disappearing for four years. Cross is very brazen toward Lvellie -sitting with his feet on the table and pretending to be asleep during questioning -before giving obviously half-hearted answers. Lvellie takes offense at this, believing that Cross thinks him to be a fool. Lvellie reveals that he knows about the Fourteenth, and Cross' involvement with him. Cross becomes very shocked by this, wondering where he got this information. But Lvellie doesn't answer. At the end of their meeting, Lvellie decides that Cross will be detained and guarded within HQ, while being given a management position, and that he will be forbidden to have contact with Allen. After the HQ Invasion and destruction of the Akuma Egg, Cross calls a truce, knowing it's not the time for them to fight each other. He agrees to tell Lvellie everything about the fourteenth if he will be allowed to speak with Allen. Later in the manga, we hear Link tell Nea, that Cross and Lvellie worked out an agreement for Link to be the new collaborator for him.


The owner of a large brothel in China. She's one of Cross' lovers, and deeply in love with him, just as her mother was. She was very depressed upon thinking he'd been killed/ But she then boards a ship to Edo to help his team find him, after hearing he may be alive. Cross in turn cares a great deal for her, calling her a good woman. He was sad to hear of her death, saying he'd told her not to follow him. He then says good women tend to be more simple-minded. They are never seen together in canon, their relationship is only referenced by both.

Lenalee Lee:

Cross + Lenalee

Cross seems to be very fond of her. During the fiasco on the ark, Cross holds her close to protect her -while thinking to himself that it's nice having her in his arms. Later, Cross flirts with her, saying he'd have come to the rescue sooner had he known she was there. He goes on to say that she has become a beautiful woman, but it's a shame about her hair loss. It turns out, Komui put Lenalee in the Cross Unit to keep him from running away. When Cross tries to run from HQ, Lenalee hugs him and begs him to stay. He's stopped in his tracks, and looks to her, saying she's too cute to refuse. Thus, he ends up staying and attending a meeting at HQ, where he comes under the scrutiny of Director Lvellie. In a short manga omake, Lenalee is seen hugging Cross, and he then guesses that she's a C-cup, while Allen glares at him. He seems to have been familiar with Lenalee for years, stating that she has gotten better at expressing her emotions than she used to be.

Anime vs. Manga Edit

See also: Anime-Manga DifferencesThere are some key differences in Cross portrayal with the anime and the manga. The former added in filler episodes and events, or changed things, to play up Cross as being a bad person, and villainized him more than Hoshino's manga characterization.

  • In the anime, episodes 25, and later 27, Allen is shown to believes all Exorcist Generals are sociopaths that don't care about people, and can't possibly be kind, due to his relationship with Cross. Nowhere in the manga do we see or hear this from Allen.
  • A filler scene in episode 25 has Yeegar make comments about Cross being a terrible person. He praises Cross' will to destroy akuma, but states that Cross is not good at human interaction. This was complete filler, added by TMS.
  • Going further on Episode 27: My Master, General Cross. The entire episode was filler. None of the things that happen in this episode were shown, or referenced to, in the manga. Some things even contradicted the manga, or Hoshino's words on Cross. During the story, Allen mentions Cross being the lover of a rich Maharajah's widow. Lenalee is shock, and Allen tells Lenalee that Cross likes rich women. The D.Gray-man Official Fanbook -Gray Ark-, by Hoshino, Cross is stated to like "good" women -not rich women. This episode shows Allen doing slave manual labor to make money for Cross -hauling spice in deserts, on loading docks, and mining. In the manga, Allen mentions that he gambled for money -none of the other things had ever been hinted. Allen also states that he only gambled when he and Cross were really broke. In this episode, Cross forces Allen to gamble and steals his money even when he's living in a palace with a rich widow at the time, which contradicts Allen only gambling when they really needed money. Cross is shown telling Allen to bring him a lion, which characterizes him the same as the abusive ring master of the circus Allen worked for as a while, who threw him into a cage with a lion at one point, where he was almost killed.
  • Manga-wise, in the food vendor's flashback, Cross is travelling with a suitcase, and speaking with the vendor while boarding a train. In the anime, Cross is carrying no luggage on his journey, and he passes by the vendor, while stealing food off of his cart.
  • Liberties were taken with the first chapter of the Reverse novels. Episodes 29 and 30 adapted the first chapter of Reverse, but changed many things. In the anime, Allen and Lenalee go to see Mother, to ask about Cross' whereabouts. Mother says she doesn't know where Cross is, and doesn't care about someone who leaves nothing but debts behind. In Reverse, Allen goes to see mother shortly after Cross leaves him in India, because he can't find HQ. Thus Lenalee was not with him, and he wasn't looking for Cross. Mother was not shown as saying she didn't care about Cross. All she mentions is that she knows about HQ, and that she's in charge of looking after the church while Cross is away.
  • In the manga -chapter 137, where the guards drag Allen out of Cross' room, Cross is surprised at their quick response. In the anime, when Allen gets caught by the guards, Cross smirks and hums mockingly at Allen, while waving him off.
  • In the manga, during his hug with Allen, he shows remorse over Allen being the host and asks if something always has to be sacrificed to protect something else. He then mentions that he can't laugh at Tiedoll anymore -for openly showing his affection to his pupil. In the anime, both of these were omitted. And he goes straight to telling Allen he will kill someone when the 14th awakens.
  • Allen begins to scold Cross about his love for Mana, and how he doesn't care about the 14th, and won't let him use his body. In the manga, Cross is shown with a more somber disposition during Allen's speech. In the anime, Cross has a typical scowl on his face -appearing to be angry, rather than somber like his manga counterpart.
  • During the scene in Cross' bedroom, in chapter 169, we have another case of the anime changing his facial expression. When Cross reminisces about Allen, he has a more sentimental smile, shortly before commenting on Allen's cheekiness. In the anime, his expression is toned down from sentimental, to a simple smirking expression.
  • In chapter 206, it opens with the flashback of Cross and Allen saying goodbye to Mother and Ba Ba. Mother calls him Walker, and Cross assures him the name suits him. Afterward, Mother, fondly watches Cross leaving, and comments that she's seen Cross off many times, but his radiance that day still remains with her. In Hallow, episode 13, Mother's line about Cross is omitted.
  • Also, again, Cross' facial expression is changed in the anime's episode. In the manga, when Cross is sitting by Allen's bedside, he has a sympathetic, possibly more guilty, expression as he looks to Allen. In the anime, he is shown scowling at Allen instead.


  • Hoshino uses Western order for her names. So, Cross is his first name.
  • Cross likes good women, and expensive wine (Romanée-Conti) and dislikes dirty bastards.[72]
  • Hoshino has drawn Cross in priest attire a few times. Seems he is a priest. Allen calls him a priest in Reverse, after first meeting him. Barba, refers to him as "father." Also, in Reverse, Allen goes to visit Mother in the Church she resides, and she mentions she's in charge of watching over it when Cross is away. [73]
  • Cross' character quote in the fanbook is "Sake is the best medicine." which seems to hint that Cross drowns his sorrows.
  • Some things Hoshino has stated about Cross in the top 10 characters interview.[74]
    • He regards Allen as his child, and thinks he's "quite cute."
    • He loves Allen's dark side, which is why he likes teasing him more and more.
    • He got involved with Nea unwillingly, and got saddled with a lot of trouble because of it.
    • He is the one closest to the truth, and lives hiding many bitter things.
    • A younger Cross will appear in flashbacks when she gets to Nea's back-story, and their connection will be explained.
    • Cross is someone who lives and acts on instinct, which makes his facial expressions easy to draw.
    • His image color is flame red, stating she has an image of him setting his surroundings aflame just by talking.
  • Character info states he is of very lively nature, and flutters around with a tendency to get burned
  • According to Hoshino, Cross sleeps in the nude, so he can tan, and smoke in the morning before getting dressed.
  •  In the extra story, 206.5: In a New Light, Allen says hidden in Cross' room are many fripperies, works of art, and silver cutlery given to him by his lovers.
  • Anita says Cross likes rainy weather.[75]
  • Cross' name could be a reference / pun to The Marian Cross.
  • Hoshino draws Cross wearing a crucifix necklace. In the 2006 anime, the crucifix is taken out, making it a regular pendant.
  • Cross's favorite wine is Romanée-Conti. It is often priced anywhere between $500 - $24,000 per bottle, depending on vintage. It is considered to be one the finest and most expensive red wines in the world.
  • In the oneshot Zone it is shown that while Cross does possess two pieces of Innocence, he lacked Grave of Maria, instead having one that was similar to Allen's Cross. In addition, the method he used to convert Akuma is explained as his grafting parasitic Innocence to them, as is the case with Robin.
  • Cross 's hobbies include polishing Timcanpy, overspending and messing with his apprentices. He likes beautiful things and rain and dislikes responsibility and filth.[7]
  • During the early chapters, Cross was consistently referred to as "Father Cross" hinting at a priest status. After a few volumes, the characters now simply call him "Cross", "Marian" or "Cross Marian".

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