Claudia is a young italian woman . She is the descendant of Sandra and has a striking ressemblance with her. She was kidnapped by Victorio.

Appearance Edit

Claudia is a young beautiful woman with long blonde hair. They are partly tied on the back of the head.

Personnality Edit

History Edit

Claudia grew up in a rich family with a strict education. At some point she was promised to Viscount Baretti in marriage which she was not fond of.

Plot Edit

She is kidnapped by Victorio who mistakes her for Sandra. Then her father and fiancee propose an award to whoever finds her. She is afraid by Victorio at first but she ends up sympathizing with him.

She witnesses the combats between Victorio and Kanda. Later when Kanda is defeated and Allen takes over the battle, she interrupts the fight.

The exorcists return the next day and Kanda eventually defeats Victorio. Upon his death, Claudia embraces him. She decides to leave home afterwards and to travel.