The Chang Clan is one of the founding families of the Black Order. His current head is Bak Chang.


The origins of the Chang Clan can be traced back to an renowned and powerful German-born sorcerer who was one of the key founders of the Black Order a hundred years ago.[1] Since this unnamed sorcerer's time, the Chang Clan has branched out, and members of the main branch seem to be the ones most likely to inherit the position of Branch Head of the Asian Branch.

The Chang Clan is known in the Order for its long tradition of producing powerful sorcerers who use magic cultivated by their clan.[2] Those skilled in the family magics are distinguished by a pair of matching tattoos on their upper arms, which signify their oath to the Sealed God,[3] and possession of a special, marble-like item known as the Spirit Stone (which is often worn as part of a hair piece), which acts as a conductor for their magic and allows them to summon For, a powerful, humanoid, female being who was created by Bak Chang's great-grandfather to act as the guardian deity of Asian Branch.[4]

Ninety years ago, Zu Mei Chang, a member of the Chang Family main branch and the brother of one of the former heads, the uncle of the succeeding head, and the great-uncle of the current head and Branch Head of Asian Branch, Bak Chang, proposed the basic idea of the Second Exorcist Program, which would become a major Black Order effort headed by both the Chang Clan and the Epstain Family. The Chang Clan family magic was used to construct the regenerative cores of the Second Exorcists.

Family MembersEdit

Name Position Status
Bak Chang Family Head Alive
Zu Mei Chang Former Central official Deceased
Twi Chang Former Family Head Deceased
Edgar Chang Martin Husband of Twi Chang Deceased
Twi's Unnamed Father Former Family Head Deceased
Chang Ancestor Former Family Head Deceased

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