Character OutlineEdit



Character Information
Kanji Name チャールズ
Romaji Name Chāruzu
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Chales is the partner of the police officer Moor, he was killed by an Akuma during a patrolling in the church to see if it's not cursed.


Chales wears the typical, old-style British police uniform.


For a policeman, Chales is easily scared and seems to be more than slightly superstitious, reluctant to enter the church his partner, Moor, leads him to because of local rumors of the church being cursed.


Introduction arcEdit

Chales is first seen trying to call his partner, Moor Hesse, to try to keep her from going into a dilapidated church, fearing that the townspeople were right in calling it cursed. When Moor chastises him, he reluctantly cedes and follows her inside.[1] Once inside, Chales cries out when he feels something on his leg, only to realize it is a cat, and when a swarm of bats run into him and Moor, Chales is knocked over. When he looks up again, Moor and the cat are gone.[2]

While Moor is gone, Chales runs into an Akuma, which ties him to a pillar and shoots him, and when Moor rushes to Chales when she hears him scream, he is already dead, the Akuma virus spreading through his body and breaking him down even as Moor watches.[3]


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