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The Campbell Residence is the estate of the Campbell family.


It is a large residence with many windows and a front door. The walls are covered with Ivy and a chemny is visible. It is surrounded by huge wheat fields in which we can find a tree.

The knotty and leafless tree is named Cornelia.


In the past


The residence in the past

At some point Katerina Eve Campbell met a man who happens to be the Earl of Millennium in the fields.

When he disappeared and turned into two babies she raised them as her own children in the residence.

It seems like besides Katerina and her two children several people lived there including Cyrus D.Campbell and Bennet.[1]

Search for A.W Arc

Currently the residence is inhabited by Katerina, Lucia and Naaga along with Ur-Campy.

They received and hosted Bookman until he woke up.


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