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I have no name. Just call me Bookman.

—Bookman introducing himself.

Bookman (ブックマン, Bukkuman) is the head member of the Bookman clan and an Exorcist and member of the European Branch of the Black Order, though this affiliation only exists so he and his apprentice, Lavi, can record the world's history as it unfolds. "Bookman" is not his birth name. Bookman belonged to the Marian Unit.

Appearance Edit


Bookman is a very short old man. He has only a patch of white (greyish brown in the first anime) hair on his head that stands up to make the shape of a question mark, and dark black circles of makeup around his eyes, which often makes him the butt of jokes from his apprentice Lavi, who refers to him as "old panda" due to his resemblance to the animal of the same name. He also has two other black circles, smaller, to the upper outter side of the big ones. His face is marked with wrinkles notably bridles and and above his lips. He wears earrings and has a strong nose as well as long pointy ears.

When he was in his fifties, he had light straight long hair combed backward and a thin moustache. He also had a light goatee. [1]

He wears the standard exorcist uniform with his innocence attached to his fingers. His new exorcist uniform is the classic red and black one.

Personality Edit

Bookman has a detached personality and tries to avoid forming tight bonds or connections with those around him. He offers a helping hand on multiple occasions but tries to keep from directly interfering with transpiring events. As such, he lectures Lavi often on how important it is to maintain this mindset and fears he is becoming too friendly with the Exorcists and becoming more of a fighter than an observer. At one point he even reminds Lavi that he is a Bookman and not a true Exorcist. The irony of this is that Bookman himself, has openly displayed how much he cares for Lavi and others, and has also himself directly on the front lines of many battles. One could argue that this is for self preservation, but he has also protected his Exorcist comrades on various occasions - a direct contrast to his Bookman beliefs. [2]

Bookman has an enduring spirit.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Invasion of the Black Order arc[3] Edit

  • Education: 5
  • Affinity: 1
  • Battle Ability: 3
  • Mental: 5
  • Flexibility: 4
  • Keenness: 4

Searching for Allen Walker arc[2] Edit

  • Sophistication: 5
  • Humanity: 1.5
  • Combat Ability: 3
  • Mental: 5
  • Flexibility: 5 (+1)
  • Perception: 5

History Edit


Bookman traveling with a very young Lavi

The Bookman title refers to one who is entrusted by the Vatican to stay within the shadows and observe the world from a distance in order to record history. Thirty-five years ago, he allied himself with the Noah Family in order to record history.[4] He direcly assisted to the final confrontation between the fourteenth and Nea behind a door.[1] He first had a disciple who is not here anymore and whose the disparition seems to have a link with the Noah family. Decades later he found Lavi and decided to make him his next disciple and successor. They traveled a lot and saw many battlefields together.

Eventually, he allied himself with the Black Order solely to witness and record important events. When he and Lavi first arrive at the Headquarters, Bookman reminds Lavi that while they will be acting as Exorcists, their first priority is observation. In spite of this, Bookman is a skilled fighter and can hold his own in battle as displayed several times throughout the series. He made special arrangements with the Black Order including being transferred to the Marian Unit with his disciple so as to be close to the general's disciple, Allen Walker whom Hevlaska predicted would become the "Destroyer of Time".

Plot Edit

General Yeegar Falls Arc Edit


Bookman introduces himself

Bookman and Lavi appear shortly after the events surrounding the Rewinding Town. He uses his acupuncture to treat Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee and introduces himself to the young exorcist. He is curious about Allen's cursed eye and Bookman takes a keen interest in Allen Walker mainly for the historical significance of his destiny. He refers to him as "The Destroyer of Time" as according to Hevlaska's prophecy, he will someday "destroy time". After explaining the role of the bookmen, he goes to take care of Lenalee. He later kicks Lavi and expels Allen and Lavi.

Bookman then discusses about the Noah family with Komui Lee. He feels a presence and tells Komui to stay in the room as the two guards have been killed. He destroys all the akumas in the room but one that he interrogates. The akumas transmits a message from the earl and tries to kill Komui too fast for Bookman. Fortunately Lenalee wakes up and destroys it. At this momnt Lavi and Allen burst in the room and fall on Bookman. He is not pleased.

They all take a carriage and Komui announces that general Yeegar has been killed. He assign them their next mission to protect Cross and they arrive at a train station. There Lavi draws on Allen's face while he's sleping and Bookman hits him for this.

The Vampire from the Old Castle Arc Edit

When Allen disappears, Bookman tells Lavi to go and find him with his "stick".

In the manga chapters, Bookman does not appear at all, but in the anime Bookman was shown, just largely uninvolved in the fight with Krory or Eliade. He spent most of his time carrying for an injured man in the town, hurt by a battle Allen and Lavi waged against an Akuma. In the end, he appeared to arrive to check on them both, and was in time to meet Krory and departed with the three.

Suman Dark's Fallen Arc Edit

Edo and Asian Branch Arc Edit

When Allen is defeated by Tyki Mikk and believed to be dead, Bookman states that he believed the prophecy meant that Allen would someday be the one to defeat the Millennium Earl. He then goes on to add that because of this, he believes Allen is still alive.


Bookman restrains Eshi

When Lavi is about to be punched by Eshi, Bookman saves his apprentice with his Innocence and manages to restrain him and then proceeds to interrogate him. However Eshi manages to break free and defeats Bookman.

When Allen returns, the Bookman is happy to see them until they are sucked into the ark. Bookman helps fend off the remaining giant akuma during Allen's time in the ark.

Noah's Ark Arc Edit

After Lavi and the others' return from the Ark, Bookman reveals his care for Lavi, appearing emotional at his apprentice's return, visibly in tears and very angry. He returns to Exorcist Headquarters after the battle of Noah's Ark and helps defend the base against the Noah family.

Invasion of the Black Order Arc Edit


Bookman and Allen come to save the day

Bookman arrived at the 5th Laboratory just after Allen Walker. Together, they fought, Bookman using his Innocence as a shield as well as a weapon. Unfortunately Bookman was infected by the demon's attack. He then went numb, later unconscious.

After he was released from the infection, he aided the ones who were hurt. He was shocked to discover the birth of a level 4, an incident that had never been recorded by the Bookman Clan before. He was stunned, along with the others, by the Level 4's scream and disappeared when the floor was destroyed.

Destruction of the Black Order Arc Edit

During the HQ move, Bookman is affected by Komui's experiments by giving him bunny ears, soon after Miranda accidentally spilled a potion on both him and Lenalee that made them talk like cats, he was soon affected by the Komuvitamin D.

Artificial Exorcists Arc Edit

Bookman is last seen with Lavi, Noise Marie and Chaozii Han in China. Noah Feedler appears to battle them . Afterwards Finders and Noise find a suffering Chaozii.

Seed Of Destruction Arc Edit


Bookman and Lavi captured by the noah.

It's revealed that Bookman, along with his apprentice, are missing. He is later shown in the Noah's custody, and Sheril interrogates him to find information about the 14th, as Sheril wants to defy the Earl's orders and kill the 14th. Sheril reminds Bookman that Feedler's parasites are inside Lavi and Chaozii, and asks if he wants to lose another apprentice at his age.

Bookman remains silent, and when Tyki reports to him that Road disappeared while protecting Allen, Sheril becomes overwhelmed with rage. He demands to know more about Road's relationship with the Fourteenth. At Bookman's continued silence, he lashes out at Lavi, once more demanding information.[5]

The Noah eventually failed in retrieving informations from him and Wisely is said to be responsible for their failure. [6]

Searching for A. W. Arc Edit

3 months later, Bookman is said to be in the Campbell mansion when Lucia was sent by Naaga to inform her master Jo that he woke up, but still is in a great deal of pain. While Lucia notes that his apprentice isn't here and wonders if all the records of the Bookman clan will be lost if he dies here, Joe states she has a feeling that a man holding all the secrets is going to come, and Bookman awaits him. [7]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Skilled Acupuncturist: Using his uninvoked Innocence, Bookman can apply his acupuncture needles as they are typically applied, healing various wounds such as Allen's damaged eye and Lenalee's coma.

Martial Skills: Despite his old age, Bookman is a skilled martial artist. He is able to face a trained second exorcist like Yu Kanda and even managed to steal him his headband

Multilingualism: As a bookman , he knows many foreign languages including a mysterious one he spoke when the Noah's ark showed itself.

Innocence Edit

Heaven Compass (天針 (ヘブンコンパス), Hebunkonpasu): An equipment type, Heaven Compass takes the form of a large set of acupuncture needles, which Bookman keeps wrapped up in a large scroll and uses for practical as well as combat purposes.

  • Northcrime

    Compass of Spells: North Crime

    Compass Of Spells: North Crime (呪縛の針北ノ罪 (ノースクライム) Nōsukuraimu) : From a compass-looking like circle that is produced from the spell, a large amount of needles is produced, stabbing the enemy using needles, presumably immobilizing the target. While this attack can destroy multiple Level One and Two Akuma, it had trouble defeating a Level Three. However, since the attack on Headquarters, its power apparently increased as it could destroy a few Level Threes simultaneously.
  • East crime

    Needles of Divine Protection: East Crime

    Needles of Divine Protection: East Crime (加護の針東ノ罪 (イーストクライム) Īsutokuraimu) : Used as a protection skill, surrounding a target completely with needles in a circular shape. Bookman can also telekinetically control the needles to move around in a large bunch and act as stepping stones in the air by forming multiple clusters of needles in mid air.

Major Battles Edit

  • Bookman VS Several Akumas
  • Bookman VS Eshi
  • Bookman and Tiedoll's team VS Giant Akumas
  • Bookman and Allen Walker VS Multiple Akumas
  • Bookman Vs Yu Kanda (training)
  • Bookman, Lavi and Chaozii VS Feedler

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Lavi, his real name is unknown.
  • When he became a Bookman, his old name was "deleted".
  • Bookman is known to Lavi as "Old Panda".
  • The black around his eyes is makeup.
  • Bookman is occasionally seen smoking.
  • Bookman's favorite food is pudding.[8] He enjoys preparing medicine/herbs, taking care of his scalp, collecting cigars and he likes beauty, sleeping, fighting sports. [2]
  • It has been revealed that Bookman had at least one other apprentice before he chose Lavi as his successor.[5]
  • The author stated that she will reveal the story behind Lavi's hidden eye when Bookman meets his demise.
  • Bookman is the shortest adult human character.


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