Bak Chan's Capriccio is the third chapter in the first volume of D.Gray-Man: Reverse novels.This chapter mainly focuses on Bak Chang the Branch Head of Asian Branch as he tries to find how Komui Lee was elected as European Branch Head and not him. He calls for a 'The Tea of Truth' which when drunken causes the drinker to reveal his/her concealed thoughts.


The chapter begins when Bak Chan arrives at the Europen Branch HQ for General Meeting. The visit reawakens his long hatred for Komui Lee who he thinks is not worthy of running this HQ. While wandering the HQ, Bak meets various organization members including Yu Kanda and Lenalee.

Sammo Han Won brings the teabags that Bak asked for. Won informs Bak that as there wasn't much time for the preperation they managed to produce only three that too with short efficacy. Bak tells Won how important this 'Tea of Truth' is as it reveals true motives and intentions of the drinker. Bak informs Won that he is planning on making Komui Lee drink it so he can judge his motives and kick him out of the branch.

The dual proceeds to the cafeteria to prepare the tea but is ultimately interrupted by Jeryy and his fellow chefs. They allow Bak to make the tea but drink it themselves as a 'treat' from Bak. Bak decides to use this scenario to his advantage and test the efficacy of the tea. It is revealed that the drinker gets red when the tea is in effect and starts speaking the truth inadvertently. Jeryy and the others chefs start openly wondering about whether Bak is bald because his hair is too thin and is always covered with a beret. Won, who is forced to drink the tea, also adds comments about Bak's narcissism. Bak gets infuriated by their comments but is content to know that the 'Tea of truth' is actually effectual.

Bak leaves the cafeteria and swears that he'll make sure that he protects the final two teabags and make Komui Lee drink the tea. While he is deciding this, he meets Lavi who carefreely informs him about a party held by Komui Lee himself. Bak wonders how he isn't invited and gets more frustrated. He meets Lenalee again and offers her to carry some of her work to her brother's office. When they arrive at the office, Bak informs Komui Lee how he has brought a 'special treat' for him from China. Komui Lee cordially accepts the offer and Lenalee helps to prepare the tea. But before tea could be served to Komui Lee. Reever comes in and tries to drink the tea. Bak tries to stop Reever from drinking which causes the tea to spill on Lenalee. Lenalee doesn't get burns because of her uniform but she leaves to change and so does Reever after a brief apologize.

Alone with Komui Lee with one last tea bag left, Bak sees this as his sole chance to suceed in his plan. He makes the tea again and serves it. Komui Lee refuses to drink while Bak is looking at him so intently ,so Bak turns around and let Komui Lee drink it in peace. Bak starts interrogating Komui Lee about his work and motives but in vain because Komui Lee doesn't really reveal something astonishing. Before the tea effect could come to an end, Bak decides to ask Komui Lee about himself and is shocked to find out that how Komui Lee extols him. When the discussion comes to an end, Bak finds Komui Lee staring at him in a peculiar way and asks about it. Komui Lee informs Bak that he knows that Bak was trying to flirt with Lenalee while they were preparing the tea and warns him to keep his distance from her. Bak finds it repulsive and says that Lenalee should have freedom to love anyone she likes. At this, Komui Lee goes berserk and starts shooting at him with a hidden machine gun. Bak runs out of the room.

Outside, he meets Lenalee again who invites him to come with her to the cafeteria. When they arrive at the cafeteria, Bak is surprised by his birthday party arranged by Komui Lee himself. Everyone is planning to toast champagne, when Bak informs that it isn't his birthday today. Komui Lee walks in and apologizes for making the mistake. The birthday party proceeds normally until the science department presents its gift to Bak which is a hair tonic. Bak is forced to accept and apply it right then. Soon after he finishes applying the strange hair tonic, Bak finds his hair growing abnormally. The science department informs him that the effect will stay for 24hrs and if the hair is cut it will grow again till then. Bak gets frustrated and embarrased for having to attend the genral meeting wih abnormal hair and wonders if Komui Lee knew about his plans from the very beggining. Bak curses Komui Lee and swears to replace him in the Black Order someday.



Bak Chan's itching problem when nervous is briefly mentioned in this chapter.

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