Bak Chang (バク・チャン, Baku Chan; Viz "Bak Chan") is a member of the Black Order and Branch Head of the Asian Branch. He is the son of Twi Chang and Edgar Chang Martin, the respective former Branch Head and Assistant Branch Head of Asian Branch and the overseers of the Second Exorcist Program

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Bak Manga

Bak and For's color schemes

Bak Chan is a slender eurasian[1] man with short messy blonde hair which falls over his face. As Head of the Asian Branch, he wears a white coat which in his case is customized into a tight-fitting balero jacket with the Rose Cross on the left side. He usually wears Italian style boots and a beret with a tassel and spirit stone on the top. Bak has tattoos on both his arms, which are actually sorcery contract marks that all sorcerers in the Chan Clan wear to signify their oath to the sealed god.[2] He is also very short for his age being the same height as Allen even though he is twice his age.[3] In the past he had long hair tied in a ponytail. It is noted that he looks younger than he is. [4]

Personality Edit

Like Komui Lee, he is a man aware of his duties and the dark legacies surrounding the Order. Even not being a Conformer, he is able to perform some spells, mostly to control the structure of the headquarters thanks to the seal created by his great-grandfather and the blood of Chan's clan. Bak is a responsible leader. It's said his intellect is a triumph of the Asia Branch. Due the noble-like upbringing Bak refers to himself as "Ore-sama" (which can be translated as: "my honorable self", "divine me", or "the great me") when he is angry (more specifically, angry at Fo), but otherwise he usually calls himself "boku" (a less formal way for noble males to refer of themselves).  When he experiences strong emotional disturbance, he breaks into hives - all of those incidents are treated as life threatening by Wong. Bak has tendency to cry without his own knowing. Bak has a huge crush on Lenalee and even "stalks" her a little bit by taking photos of her.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Invasion of the Black Order arc[5] Edit

  • Education: 5
  • Affinity: 3
  • Work Ability: 4
  • Mental: 5
  • Flexibility: 3
  • Meticulousness: 4

Searching for Allen Walker arc[6] Edit

  • Sophistication: 5
  • Humanity: 4
  • Work Ability: 4
  • Mental: 3
  • Flexibility: 4
  • Delicacy: 5

History Edit


Bak at 20

Bak is the son of Tui Chan and Edgar Chang Martin.[7] He was raised like a prince and had very strict education.[8] His mother believed that it would provide him the position of a supervisor so he could change the negative aspects of the Black Order.[9] Bak Chan is the leader of the Black Order's Asian Branch, a post occupied also by his great-grandfather, maternal grandfather and mother, Tui Chan (and perhaps the other generations of his family). Before becoming the Asian Branch Chief, he once served as a Section Chief in the Northern Sector of the Asian Branch.

9 years ago he is seen talking with Noise Marie who just became blind after his last mission. He advises him to rest a bit but Marie replies that he will probably die in the next mission. Suddenly Yu Kanda falls rises up from the water next to them and faints. Bak goes to look for the medical section but Kanda stops here. Bak notices that the boy is wounded by a needle from the crow and Marie pulls it out. Unfortunately a Crow member arrives and takes the child. [10] He and Komui seem to be good friends as Komui address him as Bak-Chan(Dear Bak).

Plot Edit

Bak Chan's Capriccio Edit

Edo and Asian Branch Arc Edit

Bak Chan's Protection

Bak closed the door leaving Fo behind

When Allen was defeated by Tyki Mikk and had his Innocence destroyed For brough the young exorcist to the Branch and Bak took him in charge. He sent Sammo Han Won to tell the other exorcists not to wait for Allen and called the European Branch to inform them. When Allen disappeared and found himself in front of Fo's door, Bak shows himself and asks him what he is doing. Allen answers that he wishes to open the door to go after his friends. Bak goes on and asks him what he will do if he can't and compare it to his broken left arm before introducing himself.[11] He explains that even without his innocence Allen can still be useful for the Order and join one of the supporting sections. Allen replies that he must fight the Akumas by himself to keep his pledges to Mana, to his friends and to himself and hits the door with his bare punches to the point of bleeding. Understanding his feelings, Bak stands up and revels that the innocence is not dead and that he was testing Allen's will. He explains that there is a way to restore Allen's innocence but he is kicked mid-sentence by Fo.

Bak leads them to a room filled with mist which is the shattered innocence. They are to make him train to get back his left arm. Allen summons it but it soon turns back to powder. Some time later Allen inadvertently headbutts Bak and causes him to fall and some photos of Lenalee fall on the ground. Allen notices them and Bak is very embarrassed to the point of breaking hives. He ends up bedridden with Sammo taking care of him while he explains how innocence work to Allen. Allen may not be able to summon his innocence because he didn't find the true form of it yet. He decides to have him fight Fo to force him to understand his innocence in real life-threatening situation. The training begins with Bak and Sammo watching. Bak calls Komui and explains him the situation.[12]

Several days later Bak is seen witnessing a quarrel between Fo and Allen. He concludes with Won that this is due to his underground isolation but they can't let him out given that he is the target of a Noah. Later Fo calls him in panic and tells him to hide Allen while Thread, a Level 3 Akuma, bursts into the Asia Branch. Allen is pierced by a thread of the Akumas but Bak arrives and summons Fo to cut it off. They run away and Bak orders the evacuation of the Branch. He uses his power to summon a wall to stop the Akuma and Fo goes behind it to stall for time fighting the Akuma. As Allen's molecular bonds were weakened by Thread, Bak refused to let him re-enter battle - not even when Allen threatened to inform Komui about his collection of Lenalee's pictures. Bak eventually opened the door, allowing Allen to enter upon the latter's insistence and determination. After seeing Fo is seriously injured, he went to her and tried to protect her while Allen battles Thread. Allen is defeated and Bak sends a magic soil hand to save the exorcist but the Akuma easily destroys it. He then pierces Bak and Fo with a thread but they are rescued by Allen's new innocence: Crown Clown. Once Allen defeated the Akuma, the science section and Bak collect the data and prepare the ark to allow Allen to join his friends. Before the depart he gives him an earring he made himself to communicate with Komui.

Noah 's Ark Arc Edit

Asian Branch chief is later seen as he explores newly captured Ark(much to dismay of the rest of the Asian Branch scientists[13]) with his loyal servant Wong. During exploration Bak meets Reever Wenham and Johnny Gill

Headquarters Invasion Arc Edit

Later that day Bak is summoned by Malcolm C. Rouvelier to attend the meeting involving cases of Cross Marian and Allen Walker [14]He is opposed to the idea of the Order using the ark that has been used by the Noah for 7000 years. Being disgusted by Rouvelier’s accusations toward Allen and Reni Epstein approval of man’s point of view, he rises a complain but is quickly silenced by Komui Lee.[15]

All Branch chiefs stays within headquarters for a couple of days Bak is heaving a breakfast among them. To Bak’s disbelief the whole Black Order is full of gossips of Allen’s possible treachery.[16] Later that day he tries to convince Johnny and the rest of the science division to let him help with research of “the egg”. During the conversation Johnny is stabbed by Lulu Bell disguised as Oceanian Branch chef.[17] Within seconds all the entrances to the lab are sealed with swarms of Akumas attacking. Bak along with Reni and Johnny managed to avoid capture and instantly start to work on the talisman to entrap the Akumas – he contacts with Reever (who do too work on similar device) by Johnny’s headphones.[18] He barely bears the horrid massacre made by the skulls on wounded scientists[19] As Allen and Bookman enters the lab via the gate and the fight continues the talisman is complete with which the several Akumas are entrapped.[20]Bak is seriously injured during the evolution of Akuma into the Level 4, he is seen with the rest of survivors(with Wong wailing over his health) after meeting Komui he praises his science department bravery.

Komivitan D ArcEdit

After decision to move headquarters he assists with the moving[21] and makes a vaccine for Komuvitan D when it was needed.

Artificial Exorcists Arc Edit

After learning about Third Exorcist Program and Reni Epstein's travel to main headquarters. Bak makes urgent call to Komui Lee, warning him to not to make hasty decision without him. After arriving at the meeting, Bak's furious at the North American Branch chief for participating in such dangerous and doomed to fail experiment.[22]

Later as Kanda arrives to the Asian Branch by the Zu Mei Chan's request, Bak hosts the Exorcist with some tea. Unfortunately the mood in the room is especially stern, which makes Bak feel uneasy. Scientist believes that the mood is spoiled by recent appearance of Third Exorcists who are somehow connected with Kanda's mysterious past.[23] Bak tries to apologize but is violently silenced down by Kanda himself.[24]

Bak takes part in scientific meeting hosted by North American Branch at which Reni Epstein explains the background of the Third Exorcist Program - Alma Karma - both Zu Mei Chan and Bak are petrified by the sole idea of using fallen Second Exorcist as a core to the experiment and voice their disgust toward the Project.[25] Eventually the meeting is interrupted by Noah Family who enslaves all the attendants[26] and brings partly limbless Tokusa and unconscious Kanda.

After Allen's flashy entrance a battle starts in which Alma Karma awakens. His hatred toward the order turns Third Exorcists into mindless monsters. Tokusa blinded with Alma's rage mistakes Bak for his deceased father - Edgar and attacks him with lightnings. During the struggle Bak summons his guardian Fo to take care of Tokusa, while Allen is asked to help Alma Karma.

Fo has to deal with Tyki Mikk so Bak uses his own magic powers with the spirit stone to keep Tokusa in check. He does it with difficulty as his energy diminishes little by little. In the end the stone breaks and Fo disappears. They all stand before a free enraged Tokusa but fortunately Allen comes back. The Noah finally leave the battlefield, taking the third exorcists with them.

Seed of Destruction Arc Edit

Not much after the incident a special meeting between the higher ups and the cardinals is held, as Link makes the rapport to the higher ups Bak is displeased by the turns of event. Bak and Reni stands next to the wall.

Bak is seen discussing with other higher-ups when the explosion in the dungeon happens. He follows Rouvelier, Zu Mei and Reni in the dungeon where the corpse of Howard Link lies. Malcolm tells Reni to "be careful " and Bak interrogates her but she ignores him and leaves.

Three months later, Bak is seen crying at the bedside of his dying grand uncle.

Searching for Allen Walker arc Edit

Bak is in the representation of "home" of Allen. [27]


Spirit Stone: Like all members of the magically inclined branches of the Chan Family, Bak is equipped with a marble-like stone known as the Spirit Stone, which acts as a power catalyst for Bak's magic. He has been seen using it to summon Fo by dripping some of his blood on it and chanting the incantation "Guardian deity within the spirit stone, by my blood I command you. God Seal Summon."[28] Invoking the power of the stone also allowed him to restrain the Akuma-maddened Tokusa. The power of the Spirit Stone is not infinite; as Fo took damage, the stone cracked[29] and eventually shattered. When Bak was younger, he kept it on a ribbon he tied his hair back with,[30] and when he got older and started wearing his hair short, he kept it on his beret.[31]

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Sorcery: Being a member of the Chan Family, a family whose German-born ancestor was a powerful magic user and one of the founding members of the Black Order, Bak has, like all members of the main branch of the Chan Family, been taught how to use the Chan Family magic. Most often, Bak is seen using this power to summon the Asian Branch's guardian deity, Fo, though he can also use it to manipulate certain rooms in the Asian Branch.

Master Scientist: Bak is a skilled scientists whose intellect matches that of Komui Lee, former head of the European Branch's Science Division and current Chief Officer of the Black Order. Being a member of the Chan Family, though, Bak is kept in Asian Branch, which has been headed by members of his family for at least two generations.

Major Battles Edit

  • Bak Chan VS Tokusa

Relationships Edit

Zu Mei Chan:


Sammo Han Wong:

Komui Lee:

Trivia Edit

  • Bak enjoys doing covery photography (but only when photographing Lenalee) and sneaking around the headquarters. He likes Lenalee, the space between the sealed doors, studying, Wong, and his own face. He dislikes snakes, unreasonable violence, hives, and Rouvelier.[32] [33]
  • Fo tells Allen that a person once was lost in the Asian Branch for a week and nearly starved. Bak is undoubtedly this person, as he jumps and quietly scoffs at the comment.
  • Bak is sometimes portrayed in a frog costume[34][35]
  • Fo refers to him as Baka-Bak (Idiot-Bak)[36]
  • Bak chronologically first appeared in the novel, then in the manga and finally in the anime.
  • Though Chinese, Bak's last name - Chan - sounds the same as a Japanese honorific - -chan - used for name diminution. Because of this, Komui sometimes teases Bak by calling him either Bak-chan or Bak Chan-chan (Baky in the manga) instead of Bak Chan.[37]
  • It is revealed to Allen that Bak breaks out in hives when embarrassed or excited (Allen just happened to cause Bak to drop his photographs of Lenalee when he was stalking her).

References Edit

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