Please note that this is the D.GrayMan Encyclopedia's article on Allen, the dog of Mana Walker, if you are looking for the article on the main protagonist of the series then you should head to Allen Walker.
Allen (アレン, Aren) was Mana Walker 's dog and was Allen Walker/Red's friend.

History Edit

Allen was Mana's pet dog who accompanied him on many circus shows. When Red (Allen Walker) first met Allen, Allen tried to befriend him but Red tried to stay away from him since Allen and Mana will leave one day and Red doesn't want his heart to be broken.

Cosimov (Red's arch-nemesis) wanted Red to feed Allen broken glass, since Cosimov hates Mana and Allen being more famous than he is. Red refused to do so and was beaten up.

One day, before a show, Red found Allen sleeping and looking ill. When Red get closer to him, he patted Allen on the head and Allen licked his hand, signifying their friendship. The next day, Allen was beaten to death by Cosimov.[1]

Searching for A.W. arc Edit

Allen is seen in Allen/Red's memory in Nea's inner world.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • It is known that Allen Walker took his name. This is because of Mana going insane and thought that Red was Allen.

References Edit

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  2. Chapter 222, page 13

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