A Full Moon Night

Chapter 2

Mangetsu no Yoru
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A Full Moon Night (満月の夜, Mangetsu no Yoru) is chapter 2 of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Allen is still making his journey to the Black Order and travels with some circus peoples. He falls ins sleep and dreams about what happened three months ago. He was talking with his master named Cross Marian about that Allen officially becomes a exorcist and that he has to go to the Black Order headquarters after he wakes up, which Cross Marian smacks him. He then hears a scream that there is a Akuma which he jumps from the chariot and goes to the crowd where he heard the voice. It turns to be false according to the townspeople and shows a kid named Jan who caused the uproar. After the town peoples where leaving and Jan is still holding by Akuma, Allen appears and saved Jan from the Akuma. Jan became excited after seeing that Allen has a anti-akuma weapon. While the two are walking with each other somewhere, Jan ask Allen many things, which Allen tells him to be careful. Jan gives Allen an union which contains to be a gadget that make his eyes tearing and goes home. Jan's friend Leo came which Jan is talking about The Earl of Millennium. Leo then tells him to come with him to the cemetery together. Allen then appeared at Jan's house, which Jan pushes his housekeeper towards Allen and goes away with Leo to the cemetery. Allen then warns Jan about Leo and goes in his house and sees Leo's draft of The Earl of Millennium. On the cemetery, Jan meets The Earl of Millennium which he throws a onion bomb towards him which explodes and tells Leo to get away with him, but Leo refuses. The Earl explains that he is him, which Allen appears saying that it is true.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Allen Walker
  2. Timcanpy
  3. Allen Walker (flashback)
  4. Cross Marian (flashback)
  5. Jan
  6. Leo's mother (akuma)
  7. Millennium Earl

Quotes Edit

  • (Cross Marian to Allen) "It's been three years since you became my apprentice. It's about time you held your own...From this day forth, I permit you to formally call yourself an exorcist."
  • (Allen to Cross) "You can't be thinking about leaving me behind, Master?"
  • (Allen to the Akuma) "You can't deceive my eyes."
  • (Allen to Jan) "Jan it's better...if you don't let your curiosity go any further. Even about the Akuma just now...stop doing anything that would get the Earl's attention. It's dangerous."
  • (Jan to Allen) "I'm not going to sit back and let the Akuma invade us. "dangerous" my butt! Don't treat me like a little kid scrawny!"
  • (Leo to Jan) "Jan...There's a place I want to show you. Come with me..."
  • (Jan to Allen) "Did you come to lecture me? You know I'm not going to listen to you!"
  • (Allen to Jan) "WAIT! JAN! That Boy is..."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Jan) "Leo has been dead for quite some time. He died on the day of his mother funeral."
  • (Allen to Jan) "It's true, Jan that boy is The Earl of Millennium's Akuma."

Chapter Notes Edit

  • Allen thinks that the housekeeper reminding him of someone. Given her facial features he might be refering to Barba. (Who has a servant job as well in Mother's church)

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