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Poll Propositions

Hello! As you probably noticed there are some polls on the main page of the wiki.
As it isn't very fun if I'm the only one to create them, I open this discussion so that you can propose your own poll that will be featured!

There are 3 category:

General: So this is a poll about general things on the mangz without spoiling much.
Wiki: Anything related to the wiki itself or the contributors
Spoilers: Questions regarding the latest chapters or let's say the last story arc.
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I have a proposition. It would be in "spoiler" considering it is kind of related to the last chapter.

What is Tyki's link to Nea?
- They are father and son
- They are brothers
- They are related in another way
- They are the same person/have the same body
- Other


Waiting if anyone have other theories about Tyki/Nea to add them to the choices.
What about
Wiki: Are you

I've always been interesting in knowing what is the exact percentage of males and females in the DGM fandom.
Always, I'm doing this one.

We will need another "spoiler" poll to stay up to date with night 225!
For the spoiler poll:
What will Link do now?
- Try to help the fourteenth resurface
- Help Allen to resist the fourteenth's influence
- Travel with Allen without helping either side
- Depart or follow Allen from afar

For the DGM poll:
If you were a DGM character you would be:
- An exorcist
- A Noah
- A finder
- A Black Order member (in the HQ)
- An akuma
- A civil
It was time to change polls