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Name That Person lol

I got into this debate with Skylent. And I think it'd be interesting to put out for discussion. I posted a pic that drawed attention to a character. But there's debate on who the character is.

Here's the full pic.
From looking, who do you think that is with Tim?

I always assumed a younger Cross
Skylent says it may be Marvin Huskin
Some thought it was Allen for a sec. But Allen doesn't smoke.
etc. lol

So everyone. Who the heck is that? lol

I was saying a younger Cross for the longest, since Allen doesn't smoke. And it'd make sense for Tim to be with Cross if he's not with Nea. Now, if it's Cross, he's for no facial hair, and he's not wearing a mask. But Hoshino has drawn him without his mask twice that I know of.

Here's the 2 pix where Cross has no mask.
I notice when his mask and glasses are off, she draws his hair coming over his face more -as if there's something on that side we don't need to see yet. If his mask is on, his hair doesn't cover his face to that extent.

Examples. Both pix, he's got on his mask, and both pix, his hair isn't coming over that far on his face.

Then the figure with Tim has ruffled sleeved shirts, and that seems standard of Cross to wear. Hoshino even stating in his concept design that she puts him in those kinds of shirts to show that he's fashionable.
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